Greg  bet $50 on "I'll Have Another" for the Kentucky Derby and won $850  which he used to purchase "Winnings" from Misty Acres who went on to be a  winner herself as Champion All Breeds for both Minnesota and  Wisconsin State Fairs.  

Rebel Moon ewes have been  selected for RR, form, points, and mothering ability.  We prefer calm and  nurturing mothers and breed to get those traits. 

 Our ewes come from  several bloodlines, the core being Heatherwood.  Others include Misty  Acres, Moore, Traglia, Lawter, Kuykendall, Running Bar S, Martin,  Sunnyhill Farm, and Spilde.

In 2018 we purchased the Heatherwood flock of exceptional ewes and yearling ewes.

Our newly arrived Heatherwood ewes and yearling ewes.

We purchased Champion Cheviot ewe "Molly" at Illini Bred Ewe Sale from Sunnyhill Farm.  She's out of Traglia line and bred to a Moore ram.  Great form, points, and gentle disposition.

Pure Kuykendall - this lady is 1/2 sister

to 2015 National Champion ewe. She's bred to Flynn's son, one of Lawter's stud rams.

The Jackson 5 with Janet hanging out while their mamas graze. 

The  Cheviot flock along with Rafecki, our pet ewe who comes at the sight of  a feed bucket. Noticethe Cheviots are checking over their shoulders in  case a feed bucket might be around.